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Lavatory Faucets

Classic Wide Spread Lavatory Faucets
Classic Widespread Sink Faucet
Priced From: $364.00
Victorian Widespread Sink Faucet
Priced From: $225.00
English Widespread Sink Faucet
Priced From: $413.00

Single Hole Lavatory Faucets
Vintage Lavatory Faucet
Priced From: $297.00
English Style Lavatory Faucet
Priced From: $334.00

4" Centerset Lavatory Faucets
4" Center Set Faucet
Priced From: $204.00

Wall Mounted Lavatory Faucets
The 703 Series Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet comes in a high quality finish and is made of solid brass.
Product Details
Priced From: $298.00
The Latest in modern faucet design. This Wall Mount Faucet is made to impress with it's detialed styling.
Product Details
Priced From: $452.00

Bridge Style Faucets
Priced From: $368.00
Priced From: $165.00
Priced From: $378.00

Tall Vessel Faucets
Priced From: $282.00

Non Mixing Basin Sink Faucets

Priced From: $82.00
Priced From: $209.00
Priced From: $42.00