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Shower Slide Bars

Massage Shower Slide Bars

5 Spray rail showers
Multi massage rail showers
Massage shower set
Sincro Series Shower Slide Bar offers 5 luxurious spray functions along with comination sprays.
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Priced From: $140.00
The Fresh Shower Slide Bar Series features high quality finishes, modern designs and smooth rounded lines.
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Priced From: $203.00
The Princes Shower Slide Bar is an elegant set with several options to choose from.
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Priced From: $245.00
Massage rail showers      
Sharp edge highlighting. The rotating ring adds personality to high performance.
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Priced From: $207.00

Rain Shower Slide Bars

Top rain rail showers
Victorian rail showers
The Top Rain Shower offers a fine rain shower spray which is excellent in operational efficiency.
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Priced From: $203.00
The Charleston is the ideal Shower Slide Bar to complete any style bathroom.
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Priced From: $368.00

Economy Shower Slide Bars

water saver rail shower
Economy rail showers
The Karina shower set offers 3 luxurious spray functions: rain, massage and rain/massage.
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Priced From: $116.00
Thanks to the easy clean system, the Hand shower allows you to eliminate the lime scale with just one action.
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Priced From: $77.00

Shower Slide Bars Only

Slide bars
A Large Selcetion of Shower Slide Bars in different sizes, styles and finishes.
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Priced From: $65.00

Shower Slide Bar Accessories

Rail shower acessories
A Large Selcetion of Accessories including waters supplies, Shower Hoses, Holders and Diverters.
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