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Terms & Conditions:

Pricing and Applicable Taxes / Charges:

All Pricing is listed and charged in US Dollars. Prices do not include any sales tax or shipping charges (shipping charges do not apply to all items). Any taxes and applicable shipping charges will be applied at the 'checkout' section of your order. Please note that no taxes will be charged on US to US shipments; however, taxes will be charged on Canada to Canada or US to Canada shipments; unless otherwise noted. Please refer to our shipping page for further information.

Any discrepancies found between charges not selected at the time of 'checkout' will be applied directly from our office. These are not additional charges from Signature Bath, Inc but rather these are charges governed by your State or Province.

Warranty & Service

Signature Bath, Inc is proud to offer a minimum 5 year warranty on the majority of our products. All warranty issues must be deemed 'defective' under our warranty terms & conditions and must be authorized by a Signature Bath, Inc representative. Any parts that are proven defective by our inspection in material or workmanship and have not been subject to abusive treatment or faulty installation will be replaced free of charge, but with no allowance for labor, shipping charges, other expenses or losses. This warranty and limit of liability are exclusive. No other warranty expressed or implied is made of any other responsibility, expressed or assumed.

Important: Proof of purchase will be necessary in all cases to obtain your warranty.

Q. What is covered under warranty?

A. Warranty covers any manufacturers defect(s). Defect(s) would include:
- Peeling finish
- Leaking cartridge
- Leaking diverter
- Pinhole leak throughout the faucet body

Q. What is NOT covered under warranty?
A. Warranty items that are not covered include:
- Tarnishing finish
- Peeling finish because of abuse; hard water build up; use of abrasive cleaners.
(most faucets will show signs of peeling within the first 60 days of purchase)
- Leaks between joints. This is common when the faucet is missing either a washer or 'o' ring which seals the joints from leaking. Washers and rings need to be placed between all connections.

Q. How do I get warranty / replacement parts for my product?
A. Please call / email our company with your request. Our expert staff will determine if the issue is warranty or not. Should it be deemed a manufacturers warranty, we will courier the individual part that you require.

Q. Who pays for shipping and labor costs?
A. Signature Bath, Inc will take no responsibility for any shipping or labor costs for warranty product. We will cover only the cost and replacement of the defective part.

Q. If my faucet is leaking, will I get a completely new faucet?
A. Warranty will cover only the individual part that is defective. We offer a 'part replacement' not 'product replacement' unless the faucet has a pinhole leak; in this case, we will send a completely new faucet body.

Q. Can I still get parts after my warranty period?
A. Parts will be available for purchase at anytime after the warranty period. You will have to pay for the part and the shipping charges.

Return Policy:

Signature Bath, Inc offers a 15 day return/exchange policy from the original purchase date. You will require your original invoice or proof of purchase in order to accept your return. Please review the below information:

- Item must show no signs of installation or wear.
- Must be returned in original box in same condition it was shipped.
- The client is responsible for all shipping costs, duties, customs, and handling fees. It is also the client's responsibility to file any claims with the shipping company for lost or stolen goods.
- For orders that were shipped 'free shipping', a $20 flat rate fee will not be credited back.
- Any credit card processing fees charged will not be credited back.
- All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.


We understand that in some cases you may change your mind about your purchase and would like to cancel your order. Signature Bath, Inc respects your decision and would like to make your cancellation as seamless as possible without charging high cancellation penalties like most other companies. Therefore, we have broken down certain scenarios which we will follow to cancel your order:

1. If your credit card has already been charged and the order has been processed and shipped, please refer to the above Return Policy terms.

2. If the product has NOT been shipped, but your credit card has been processed, you will be able to cancel your order; however, any processing fees charged by the credit card provider will not be credited.

3. If the product has NOT been shipped, and your credit card has NOT been processed, we will cancel your order without any penalty.

Please note that if you have placed a custom order for either finish or application, there is absolutely no cancellation / no exchange / no return, regardless of any of the above scenarios.